Terms of Service

You MUST be 21 years of age or older and have valid USA identification or International government identification.  Passports are valid and preferred as international identification.  International driver licenses are subject to the discretion of each individual bar or club. There are NO REFUNDS or exchanges on this ticket.  Crawl Vegas and Vegas Tours LLC & individual bars and/or clubs reserve the right to refuse entry to venues due to inappropriate behavior or over intoxication.  You must be dressed in club attire to gain entry.  Dress codes are strictly enforced.  Men:  No shorts, no hats, no sneakers/sandals, no torn jeans (button down or collared shirts, nice jeans or pants and dress shoes are preferred).  You must stay with the crawl while changing venues in order to get crawl drink specials, crawl food specials and line bypass.  Please do not be more than 30 minutes late for the crawl, if so, call us to find out where the crawl is.  Crawl Vegas and Vegas Tours LLC is not responsible for theft, personal injury or death.  You accept the responsibilities of what happens on the crawl and understand the risks of consuming alcohol.