The Rundown: Las Vegas Club Crawl Party Bus Experience

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There are few places in America more renowned than Las Vegas for their party scene. Las Vegas is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world because of it’s casinos, clubs, and night life. Anyone who has visited Vegas before knows the power and energy belonging to the brilliant lights on the strip, as well as the feeling of anticipation on a night you know you will never forget. This infectious atmosphere draws in visitors from far and wide.

However, experienced visitors also know that the club scene can be expensive and hard to navigate if you aren’t very familiar with it. How can you ensure you’re not missing out on the best events of the night and still getting the best deal? Buy your tickets so Crawl Vegas can guide you through a Vegas club crawl.

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A club crawl is an experience where you and a group of other fun people meet up on a party bus that will take you to some of the best clubs in Vegas. Over the course of one night you and your group of other club-goers will be brought to a number of clubs to have one of the best nights of your life. By hiring Crawl Vegas, you will be able to bypass long lines, and go to the best events in Vegas that night. In our club crawl ticket, we provide party bus transportation to the nightclubs, complimentary drinks on the party bus, admission to some of the best night clubs in Vegas, and an event host to guide you through it all.

Benefits of the Crawl Vegas Party Bus:

Now that you know what we offer let us tell you why this is the best way to go club hopping.

First of all – there are no cover charges!

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When you buy a ticket on Crawl Vegas you will pay one reasonable fee for the entire night. You don’t have to pay any cover charge to get into the clubs, and you can avoid the trap of over paying that most Las Vegas tourists fall into. Las Vegas is a tourist destination and as such it’s club admission prices will be higher than your hometown clubs. The cover charges for Vegas clubs range from $30 to $60 dollars (and that’s even before you pay for drinks!) With our club crawl tickets, you will be able to go to at least three of these clubs for less than you would pay to go on your own. On top of avoiding cover charges, you will also be able to avoid the long lines of visitors waiting to enter the club.

Las Vegas has so many visitors each year that it is always busy. At times the lines you wait in can be well over an hour long. With our club crawl tickets, you can avoid the line all together. This allows you to get the most out of your vacation. Don’t waste what little time you have waiting to enter a club.

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Buy our club crawl tickets and get in the club right away and start partying. You get to meet fun and interesting people like yourself. When you get your ticket on Crawl Vegas, you will be set in a group with other fun loving party goers like yourself. This will further enhance your party experience and give you memories that will last a life time.

Speaking of interesting people, we also offer experienced party hosts. At Crawl Vegas we make partying our business, and we can guarantee that you will have a party host who knows how to enhance your night. Our hosts goals are to help you make the most of your Vegas trip, and our hosts have experience in the club scene. They aren’t the geeky and awkward tour guides that you may see at other events or companies. Our tour guides are party experts and love to have a good time.

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Get drink specials and complimentary drinks! As party and club experts, Crawl Vegas has developed relationships with the best clubs in town to help you get the best deal. This relationship allows you and your group to receive discounts on drinks and even complimentary drinks at some of the clubs we will bring you to. As any experienced Vegas goer will tell you, Vegas can be quite pricey, but by buying a Club Crawl ticket you will be saving yourself money.

The benefits of going on a club crawl with Crawl Vegas are numerous. We give you a cheaper way to see the best clubs in Vegas and make sure you get the best experience possible. We take you to three clubs with a group of fun people who are looking to have a great time just like you.

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Your cover charges are paid for when you buy a ticket and we give you complimentary drinks on our party bus as well as drink specials in many of the clubs. Going on a club crawl with us is the absolute best way to go club hopping in Vegas and will stop you from stressing, wasting money, or wasting time. To buy a club crawl ticket contact us today!

If you have more questions about our club crawl tickets and events make sure to look at the frequently asked questions below or contact us today.

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  • 1. What clubs can I expect to visit on a Crawl Vegas club crawl?

The clubs we visit each night varies. We want to provide you with the best experience possible, so we try to take you to the clubs that are having the best events when you visit. However, the clubs we visit most often include The Bird Bar (Flamingo Hotel), Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay Hotel), Light Nightclub (Mandalay Bay Hotel), Chateau Nightclub (Paris Hotel), Rockhouse (Venetian Hotel), Tao Nightclub (Venetian Hotel), Hakkasan Nightclub (MGM Grand Hotel), Voodoo (Rio Hotel), Drais Nightclub (Cromwell Hotel).

  • 2. Can I schedule private club crawls?

Yes, we offer private group club crawls for events such as bachelor or bachelorette parties and birthday parties. However, you must reach our minimum number of people participating in a club crawl for us to reserve you for a private group club crawl.

  • 3. Do I have to go to all the clubs?

No, if you at any point decide you like the atmosphere of a certain club or meet someone you would like to spend more time with you are welcome to stay at that particular club and discontinue your club crawl.

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